A posse ad esse - From possibility to actuality

Statement from David Powell, Chairman, The Camberley Society January 2019

The Camberley Society aims to improve and promote Camberley. It has been running since 1982 and still has a very valid function, which as discussed at our last committee meeting, includes:

  • Observing developments on the urban environment, protecting what we have got, particularly our heritage and proposing, encouraging and/ or promoting developments and improvements where considered necessary e.g.to help the Camberley’s economy – or discouraging them when appropriate e.g. how many more flats and retirement homes do we need in Camberley?
  • Monitoring and liaising with the local borough council, particularly on the issue of the Draft Local Plan to 2030 which amongst many other things says protected woodland in Surrey Heath could be replaced by housing.
  • Campaigning for improved transport links, both rail and bus. The campaigns for a direct rail link to London and a direct express bus link to Heathrow are both very real
  • Protecting the Natural Environment – being pursued by Natural Surrey Heath, co-sponsored by the Camberley Society and the Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust. The Camberley Society has long held an objective to get more greenery into the town centre viz trees, bushes and flowers

We now find the Society in a position with a declining membership and being run by too few people, like many other clubs and societies. We have been here before, with a small number of committee members and that’s when we came up with the two ideas of the Camberley Arts & Craft Fest and the Camberley Enterprise Expo, which both took place for the first time in 2017.

So where do we go from here? There are two scenarios – one is where we thrive and prosper making a real contribution to Camberley, as above, with more members and particularly more active committee members. This is very possible and let’s make it happen!

However, the other scenario is one where the Society withers and dies, through lack of support. The chairman and treasurer cannot continue to take on the other roles indefinitely i.e. covering meetings, membership, website and social media and events. We are just not doing justice to the above function.

So is there anyone out there who is interested in joining and helping us with any of the above roles and chairman (as I would like to stand down soon)? The chairman can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..