CamFest 2018

The Camberley Community Arts and Crafts Fest 2018 will take place on Friday 29th June to Sunday 1st July. It will be held largely in the Surrey Heath Borough Council Chambers, Camberley Theatre's Function Room and High Cross Church.

Planning for this event is actively underway involving many local organisations.
The three day event will include a comprehensive programme of children's workshops. Students from the Learning Centre will be exhibiting their Pottery, Sculpture and Art works. The North Downs Lacemakers and the Heather Quilters will be coming along and will do demonstrations and invite festival goers to try it out for themselves. A wide range of performance art will be featured. Plans are afoot to include an Arts and Crafts market.
CAMFEST is a joint project between Surrey Heath Borough Council , Surrey Adult Learning Ccentre and the Camberley Society and is supported by the Camberley Rotary Club